Skip Smith


September 9-12, 2001


Black Hills

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Not shown: Jose Stape, photographer

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These photos were taken by Jim Long

Stories of travel home after 9/11

Katy Cavanaugh

Lauren and I enjoyed our bus ride and learned a lot about the in's and out's of long bus rides. Luckily, we made it home safe late Thursday night.

Dave Larsen

After waiting in Rapid City Wednesday and having my Thursday flight canceled. I joined Eric Zenner, Jerry Krueger, and Eric Jokala on a bus trip across South Dakota. It was a interesting mix of people on the buses. Our first bus was full with several people standing. I did make all my connections making it back to Kansas City by 5:00 am and the had a 2 1/2 hour drive home. I made it home safely by 7:30 am Friday morning.

Kevin O'Hara

I got home Friday night without any major problems. I seem to be about the only person who flew out of Rapid City.

Klaus Puettmann

After 18 hours driving, 4 hours in the train, 2 hours in the bus, I made it home last night at 10pm (Thursday the 13th).

Brian Lockhart

After being told at the Rapid City airport on Friday that no one with connecting flights was being allowed to fly out of Rapid City, I hitched a ride with Andy Ezell and David Moorhead (Karen Kuers also hitched a ride). They dropped me off in Kansas City around midnight. My mother picked me up on Saturday and I stayed in northwest Arkansas through Sunday. Then, we drove to south Louisiana, where my mother stayed with me for a week (her trip to Great Britian was cancelled).

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