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Year Tour Host(s) Details
1965 Organizational Meeting Clair Merritt SAF Convention - Detroit
1966 Washington David Scott Pack Forest
1967 no tour no host  
1968 no tour no host  
1969 Georgia Jack May Covington
1970 Arizona (see below) Ernie Kurmes, Gil Schubert San Francisco Mt. Area
1971 West Virginia Dick Trimble Parsons
1972 no tour no host  
1973 Idaho Dave Adams Northern Idaho
1974 New York Bill Johnson, Gene Farnsworth Upstate New York
1975 Virginia Clair Merritt Southeast Virginia
1976 Mississippi Bob Johnson Jackson to Stoneville


1970 - Tour # 3


Ernie Kurmes

Gil Schubert


Flagstaff, Arizona to Las Vegas, Nevada


  • Clair Merritt
  • George Parker
  • Ted Daniel
  • Ernie Kurmes
  • Bob LastNameNeeded (U. of Arizona)
  • Name Needed 1
  • Name Needed 2


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